Oakley B-1B Grips (2010) Guidance System

The folks over at Oakley were kind enough to gift me with a set of their up-and-coming release of B-1B Grips. If you are not familiar with these grips, they were high end BMX grips made in 1982. Oakley actually started off as an MX company making grips first, then sunglasses were added into their line up. The rubber they used for the grips helped paved the way for the rubber you see on some of today's Oakley performance sunglass styles.

Comparing the re-issued grips with my OG set, I found a few differences. First, the box is a little thicker for my OG set due to the extra sleeves Oakley threw in and the re-issue box is longer. And second, the re-issued version has small "2010" markings at the end of the grips where Oakley Crud Plugs would be used.
A similarity would be the removable sleeves on the re-issues like on the OG set and the same material used to make them (according to the information given on the boxes). Hopefully, nobody tries to pass the re-issue B-1B's as OG. Market value for the OG version of B-1B's is between $125 and $175, with other Oakley grip models reaching around $200.

From what I was told, these grips are not out on the market just yet and the only color I have seen so far is this blue/white combination. I am sure there will be additional color combinations available on release day. I really hope they decide to re-issue a few of the other styles in their grip line-up such as the Oakley O-Wings and the Oakley Grip II. We will have to wait and see. As far as the MSRP goes, only time will tell.

"This is the first release of 5 colors, which will be dropping approximately every month, with 500 sets of each color being made. These grips are not being sold by Oakley, but they will be distributed to select retailers and friends, so be on the lookout!"

This is a huge deal in the "Old School BMX" Culture and there are many mixed feelings about it. All-in-all, I am happy with the decision to re-issue the grips as they are very nice and work well. This is a great alternative for newer BMXers to use a piece of BMX history on their New School bikes without burning a hole in their wallets. I will keep you posted as I get the information. Thanks for your time.

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