A motha fuckin POUND

Guess who is making a return? 2008 folks. DONT SLEEP!


Just a nap

a quick nap for my little bambino. his first thanksgiving.
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BMX Rat Pack

1992 Kuwahara Champion Series. 400 made in the world. USA made, last frame before the stop of US sales. i own 2, Leo owns 2, and Spayde owns 1.Please believe............


My son designed this shirt for me....there was a car show at the Otay Ranch Mall today, i missed it, but managed to take a picture of one of the best and only car there.
People were gathering for the parade through the streets of the mall to bring Santa Claus into town.
Uncle Delano with Mr. Royce
Auntie Rhea with Mr. Royce

More pictorials

Great Grandma (my moms mom), Royce, Daddy, and Great Grandma (my dads mom). woohooooooooso fresh and so clean. right out of the bath tub. Rockin his first pair of Jordans. Oh man. Here we go again.
caption included...


Royce and Fam

Uncle Jay x RoyceAuntie Darcie x Royce
Auntie Anh x Royce
5 & A Dime Fresh Urban Hair Salon Jay was wondering why they didnt have these when he was a baby and then fell asleep listening to the sweet music and pondering his personal issues.



julie from LOT116 Photography came over the other day to take some professional pictures or our newborn Royce. the shoot came out spectacular and the pictures were absolutely amazing. julie really has an eye for perfect images. if you need her services, please feel free to check her website out LOT116 or ask me personally. lot116 photography is great!!!!


Royce and Friends

Mommy, Cousin T Max (Brittany's son), Grandma Jeanne, and Royce
Grandma Jeanne with Royce (brittany's mom)

Auntie Brittany with Royce
Like father like son
Like mother like son
Auntie Rhea and Grandma Geny with Royce

Auntie Kelly with Royce
Auntie Rhea with Royce
Uncle Brian with Royce

Random pictures

grandma with Royce (aj's mom)

frog loving RoyceRoyce on his crib.
Gangsters dont dance, they boogie. ha ha ha ha ha. elbows up, side to side....
time for our check up. YAY!


The Legend is here!

i am NOT tired...
grandma with Royce (my mom)
bath time

so i wanted to let you guys know how we were doing. looks like my 7 weeks off from work will be a pretty long one. i feel like the whole day and night are just joined together. kind of like there is no night or day. we have to feed him every 2-3 hours and if its not that, we are changing his diaper. let me tell you thins, his poo is just like his dads. very very very fatal. ha ha ha ha.. he is cleeping mos o f the time and thats when we take naps or take care of little shores. we went to the doctor yesterday for a check up. looks goog they said. well, here are some randon pics to steal from my blog. ha ha ha ha



homeward bound

we should be leaving here shortly.. YAY! can't wait to bring him home and sleep in my bed. whew... come by and visit us when you get a chance. Royce would love to meet you.. peace.
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Royce Legend Ferrer

more to come.
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drum roll pleeeeaassee... introducing Royce Legend Ferrer.!! there goes the neighborhood... more pics from the camera when we get home. peace and love!
the ferrer FAMILY.
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this is really weird to see. they thought I was gonna faint. they trippin. I like seeing that shit. its very interesting.

here we goooooo........

Aj is now 6 cm. here he comes boys and girls!!


Welcom Back B!

Brian had a welcome back party last night and some of homies rolled through to see him and share in the "drug-confiscating stories". Hre are some random flicks from that night. thank you kim for being out bar tender. the drinks were fucking amazing. even the virgin ones that AJ was drinking. seriously, she is good at what she does!