Hair cutz and Zeaport Village

On Sunday, We went to get Royce's first real haircut because my mom decided to try and cut his bangs to stop it from going into his eyes. Let's just say, we needed to fix it and trim 3" off of the back. It's almost time for his passport picture and we dont want any problems when we go to the Philippines. I can't wait for it to grow back already. hahahaha. His hair actually got curlier!
Afterwards, we decided to go to Seaport Village because it was a beautiful day and we wanted to outside in San Diego Sunshine. We had lunch and walked around while enjoying the fabulous view the bay had to offer. I could never get anough of this place. San Diego Forever Carnal!

Phil's then Kobey's

This past Saturday, AJ, Brian, Royce Legend and I decided to go check out what interesting objects were at Kobey's swap meet. I was actually trying to go back for a bike tray for a roof rack that I should of scooped up the weekend prior. Unfortunately, it wasn't there anymore or we couldn't find it. It appeared that the personal vendors did not keep the same space number. OH WELL! no pics from Kobey's though. Sorry. Just enjoy pictures of Royce.
Phil's BBQ was right next door and I had the idea that if we ate first, we could walk it all off at Kobey's. It was our first time there and it was deliscious. I recommend Phil's to anyone visiting San Diego and loves BBQ. Next time, I am having the pulled pork.


Brian turns 34 and Fight Night Recap pics

I would normally have something to say or at least have a short write up, but i dont remember anything from that night besides Manny winning. Great times indeed pare! hahahahaha.

Brian turns



Penfield - 35 years

Penfield celebrates 35th anniversary this year and is bringing back the late 80's Pac-Jac jacket. More information here --> www.penfieldusa.com

Thom Browne | Supreme

For those who know me, I am not a huge fan of Supreme due to a certain incident in the past that I will refrain from going into details about. This button up oxford is actually pretty damn sick! Releases today. This is an unlikely collabo, especially from Thom Browne. I guess if Channel can make snowboard gear, then Mr. Browne can jump on the wagon as well, huh.

BTW - Get at me if you have a pair of Everlast x Supreme boxing gloves in blue or black. Gonna have PAC-MAN sign those motherfuckers.


Sorry for the lag in updates folks. They are coming soon. I already uploaded them from my camera, now time to sort them out and post as needed. Been busy out-n-about. Naw mean!


Opium 180's

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St. Patrick's Day House Party

Break up downtown monotony by enjoying a good ol' HOUSE PARTAY! Come Chill, have fun, and get smashed OLD SCHOOL STYLE!


Jungle Juice will be in full effect as well as some green beer and green______________!


Pacquiao Does It Again!

That was smart boxing by Clottey. If he didn't cover up, he would of went down and so with his "never been knocked down" record. All good, although it was a little boring. 1200 thrown vs 400 thrown. hmm, Clottey was lucky enough to get two of the three judges to throw him a generous round a piece. Great job Clottey! Great job Pacquiao!!