AMC Otay Ranch

AJ and I were able to find time to watch a movie tonight. Taken was really good! I feel like I need to brush up on my shooting skills. Look out for pictures from the shooting range sometime soon!


Thanks to the ILLISS crew and CONS for these Cons CTS. Move over SB and Syndicate, there's a new dog in town. Watch this brand grow, they will be on top in no time!
These shoes are real comfortable. Padding in the right places. The soles are real soft. The price is great! Go get a pair from WILLY'S WORKSHOP and feel for yourself! You wont regret it. Thanks again to Ryan and Raibyn.

spaydes new tools

we were at harbor freight today looking for "something" and spayde wanted some new adjustable wrenches to take care of a big job.


Mark's Last Monday

After work yesterday, I went to get Mark and brought him to a couple shops to pick up some shit before heading back to San Francisco. Then we ate at Pokez, very good place for Mexican Food!. off to the Airport! Until next time my friend! 2009 is your year!

Sundaze on the Boardwalk

Went riding again this past Sunday. As usual, it was another relaxing day and the weather was weird. looked cold, but it wasn't. Nice ride.

Saturdays with Skratchmark

Lam - Throwin' it down for the 5 of us......

Mark, Tracy, and Brian.

Downtown SD. Well part of it at least.

Petco Park

Brian and Yogi Xclusiv Events

Zoomy, Mark, and Tracy.

Dennis, the magician. Import Culture and Babe Blvd.


Import Culture OUTSIDERS BMX Babe Blvd

Mike LA Foto Nostra

Bathroom breakz. hahahahahahaha (CR)

Mr. Mention Illiss Lifestyle OUTSIDERS BMX

Brian's club shades.

Went out with Mark, Brian, Dennis, and Tracy last Saturday night. We started at Neighborhood and a beer from their great selection of IPA's. Then headed over to Altitude which was rooftop on the Mariott hotel where Lam works as a bartender. Crazy thing is, Lam and I live in San Diego, but we never see each other until Mark comes into town. Weird! Thanks for the hook up on drinks Lam!!!! (TIP YOUR BARTENDERS!). We ran into Zoomy who invited us to Deco's since he had 4 bottles waiting there for him. Our next destination was Red C where the Armory was holdin' it down of course with Mr. Mention. Shit was crackin! I ended pretty intoxicated and was trying to get the gang over to Deco's with Zommy for more drinks. Little did i know, it was already 2am when we were leaving Red C. BOOOOO! hahahaha.

We ate PIZZA!

We went home.

Thank you!