Showers for The Baby

Last Saturday, We traveled up to MM to attend Rhommel and Cindy's Baby Shower. Little did I know, it was themed; Philippines Theme. Damn, should of worn my PI Basketball jacket. Pilipinas For Ever.

Leonard by Mighty Healthy NYC

Here are some details from Mighty Healthy's denim collection. I was blessed to get a pair from my great friends on the other coast. Enjoy the pictures and better yet, go get a pair. These things are butters!


Avenger Seawolf Chrono by Breitling

Breitling's highly capable Avenger Seawolf Chrono is jumping on the blacked-out bandwagon with a durable carbon-based treatment with accents of red-rimmed dials and luminous markers. The watch itself is housed in a watertight case that can operate to a depth of 3,300ft and features a decompression valve and glareproof sapphire crystal for easy readability.

Audi A1

Compact and efficient looks to be the burgeoning trend amongst automakers with the latest entrant coming from Audi with their A1 city car. Designed to compete with the Mini Cooper, the A1 will be available in two gas and two diesel powered models with the 1.6 liter TDI versions outputting 90 horsepower/169 lb-ft of torque or 105 horses/184 lb-ft torque. The gas models will have either an 86 horsepower 1.2 or a 122 horsepower 1.4. So far the folks at Audi have only announced availability in Europe with no word yet on availability in the US.

PROPER AUDIO RADIO | Feb. 18th | Basement Lounge (LBC)

Hickies and Dry Humps | Feb. 19th | El Dorado


Variant by Icon

Built both for dirt and the street, Icon's Variant is a wind tunnel tuned design featuring a removable Hydradry moisture-wicking liner and a wide anti-lift, anti-fog visor with distortion free optics and an enhanced peripheral view. I wonder how heavy this bad boay is. I would like to give it a shot on the BMX track. All-White-Everything!

Colt GMT+ by Breitling

With its dedicated GMT function, Breitling's Colt GMT+ is right at home in the air but with water resistance down to 500M/1650FT its a more than capable dive watch as well. The watch is powered by Breitling's Calibre 32 movement, housed in a stainless steel case that's matched with a rubber/steel strap.

Desert High 1 by Acne

Acne's Desert High 1 is all about the details from the full crepe sole, to the multi-colored wooden beads, and slight ascending angle of the heel. Nathan Clark would be proud. I need to get a pair of these for future use.



Tommii Lim in action at the Atwater booth.

Josol and Geoff taking care of some of their accounts.
Brian and I spent alot of time talking and working with Livery Design Gruppe.

Raiben, Mike, Brian, and Ryan = Cons, K.A.F.E., Outsiders, and Illiss/Outsiders.
Aaron's work. Angry Woebots in full glory. It was rad to reconnect with him after almost a year.
Converse actually released this shoe sometime in the early 1950's. Doesn't it remind you of a certain 1966 Off The Wall brand? Converse is re-releasing it as a Cons shoe.

Pat from Mighty Healthy packing up the booth.

Check out this crazy rail.

Hung out with a few friends during the trade shows here in San Diego. Also, attended the skate contest at the Crossroads Show. The rail was eventually swapped out for this crazy Excalibur sword. hahaha.


La Puerta Party Time Parade with Fam.

I had the chance to attend an event last Thursday where I was able to see my friends and family from out of town. I love when ASR hits San Diego because it's like a one stop shop to catch up with the homies from around the way. hahaha. This year, ASR also had Class and Crossroads which were also pretty rad shows. Great time once again with great people. Enjoy the flixters.