Happy Birthday!

Last night was Sarah's borthday, so Methamphibian and Sarah decided to come down from LA to eat at extrordinary desserts. it was fun catching up and meeting new people. Hope to see you guys again. korean food next time. YAY!


more Rob & Big pics

pics of the bikes. Big Blacks 29 inch PK Ripper. DAAAAAMMNN! that's a big ass PK. hahahah. Rob on the track and the 2 at the starting gate. RAD!

Rob & Big on the BMX tip

check this out folks. Big Blacks custom SE bike. that's what's up!!! do work son. this was a picture sent to me by Todd Lyons during the filming of the episode.
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ride out

ride the boardwalk in PB tomorrow for those interested. 10am. holla!
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American Idol x Venom

so after watching the omaha nebraska edition of american idol, I came across this quick glipse of a familiar face.... no photoshop here gents.
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