11.01.08 AVNT/GRDE Santa Ana Exclusive

Releasing @ AVNT/GRDE this Saturday. Phone Orders welcomed.

Exclusive West Coast suppliers for the DC x ATMOS CM1 & DW1 shoe.






Sundays are not Ice Cream

2 Sundays worth of rides. Just a select few. Keep an eye out for the "real" ridahz.

Trackside at Kearny

Last Friday, we found ourselves a the track again. too dark for pics and too hard to take them while I was riding. "Rider's Ready...Watch the Lights...."

Pacific Coast Bicycles

We got the 2009 SE 29" BIG RIPPER PROTOTYPE over at our sponsor's shop in Pacific Beach and they also just got in the new SE 24" Quadangle Looptail in pear white. All the retro looptails are very limited to specific shops. Get one now and check out the Big Ripper. Thing is fuckin' HUGE! They also have a pretty good selection of BMX parts and a nice old school section to reminisce on.
1637 Garnet Ave
San Diego, CA 92109
858.581.BIKE (2453)


Commissary Lounge. Get Ready!

This is gonna be Legit holmes.



Special Tee Release today at 12 noon PST. Very limited quantities available. Shirts will be available exclusively HERE on the online pop-up webstore.


Carhartt x Wethepeople 24"

This past season Carhartt presented a unique old school BMX cruiser. Inspired by the eighties, the Carhartt 24inch BMX cruiser has the traditional chrome look and for the 80s style must-have toptube pad. BMX is an essential part of the street culture and for that Carhartt demonstrates its commitment and commonality to this sport for more than 10 years. Carhartt supports BMX riders’ worldwide and has a thriving BMX Pro World team. Besides, the brand sponsors internationally recognised contests like the Rebel Jam. Due to that, it seems natural to provide great goods for the sport as well.
The Carhartt 24” BMX cruiser is a homage to the BMX sport and its culture. In the early eighties BMX became an incredibly popular sport. This boom can be related to the great success of Steven Spielberg’s movie ‘E.T.’ During that time the 24inch BMX Cruiser was introduced to the market, and within the BMX race a new 'Cruiser' category was built. Unlike the common 20inch BMX bike from the 60s, the BMX cruiser features larger wheels and a bigger frame, which is essential for the unique look of the cruiser.
The design of the Carhartt 24" BMX Cruiser combines the unique design of the 80s with modern framework. In order to provide the best bike, Carhartt teamed up with wethepeople, who has the expertise and specialist knowledge of modern BMX bikes and parts. The cruiser is delivered with many Carhartt specials: it comes with Carhartt logo stencils, personalized 'Boulevard' grips, an embroidered 'Murder City Nights' seat and the 'Murder City Nights' toptube pad. These patterned pads show the Carhartt logo just like the frame of the bike; and the grips are also separately available in different fashionable colours.
With its cool design and the 24inch wheels, this cruiser displays a must-have for every city rider and every BMX enthusiast, who wants to have murder city nights. Carhartt takes the chance of bringing this sport closer to everybody and closer to the everyday life.
The cruiser is available at exclusive BMX stores, and of course at all Carhartt stores, where different BMX accessories like a bicycle chain with the matching pattern, BMX gloves, grips and a BMX sticker set also will be sold.


Our friends over at SOAK put this up and I found it pretty interesting! Possible shirt design? We will have to see....................................


DC Shoes X Atmos Collaboration for AVNT/GRDE

AVNT/GRDE proudly presents the release of the DC x ATMOS shoe. DC goes back in time with two of most influential skateboarders and their first pro-model shoes with DC, the DW1 & CW1. With one of the most well respected shops reigning from Harlem, New York, ATMOS NY/TOKYO adding their own touch to the timeless shoe. AVNT/GRDE will be the West Coasts sole supplier, being released at the end of October.

306 West Third St
Santa Ana, CA 92701


Sundaze with friends...

Kuwahara - the last person to get one recently is GAY!. ask around.
Comin' Straight From Ysidro.. L.O.D. ask someone...

Neat tech deck freck mech ashtray bowl thing a ma doo dad.
Let's get weird.
For the iHOMIES.
They need helmets.

Sneaker guy extraordiaire - Gian the magnificent with fake FRAGMENT AF1's...
Mexican's steal bikes in front of you.

This is our friend Virginia.
5&adime has MANLY BMX's NOT Fixie Sticks.


This is Spayde's friend William getting a ticket for not having a muscle car and frontin' like he's asian! FAG!

Gian wears broaches to work.
and lies!
Michael Bautista!Magic the gathering tournament and World of Warcraft experts.

Here are pictures from this past Sunday. Not too many detailed captions, just look at them.. damn it!