Nice Shirt

If you have checked out The Hundreds lately, you would have noticed this shirt on there. Look familiar?!


092808 - The count down continues!

Click on the flier for a better look. Schwiiiiinng!


Confidential - Speak Easy

I am tired of blogging and sorry it took so long for these to be put up, but deal with it! Here are a few pics from the Speak Easy party at Confidential last week. yes, last week fuckers. no captions because my son wants to play right now. P's


BMX Ride/BBQ/Goodtimes/1st Annual SD

Factory Outsiders
Ripset BMX

Well, I have been reppin' Outsiders BMX for a while now and there are a few plans of releasing a small run of apparel in 2009 with special collabo tees with my friends in the industry. Don't sleep on this folks. We kicked off our first San Diego-based BBQ/BMX ride which will be an annual thing. The turn out was exceptional. Folks came from Long Beach, Los Angeles, Arizona, and all-around San Diego. I didn't know we were such a big deal. I guess I was wrong. Be sure to make it out next year. Until then, we will have our usual Friday evening races at Kearny Moto and Sunday cruises through the Pacific Beach boardwalk. Hopefully, football season doesn't mess things up. hahahah. Enjoy!