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Gavin turns IV

This past weekend, we headed up to Mira Mesa's Chuck E. Cheese for our godson's 4th birthday party. Of course, Royce was super excited to go there and once again. Leo & Gavin in Jordan XI's and Royce and I in Jordan XIII's. This is fitting since we used to collect sneakers back in the day. Well, I still kinda do, but my last pair of shoes were Louis Vuitton sneakers, not Nike or Vans. hahaha.

Although Gavin was a bit shy, it is always a pleasure spending time with him and watching him grow up. Hopefully, he gets better with hanging out with us and Royce so they can wreck the BMX tracks together.... in Jordans! hahahaha

Enjoy the pictures!


Bash At The Beach | Summer Finale

While AJ was at work, Royce and I were deciding what we should do on a Saturday. He had the idea of heading out to La Jolla Shores to hang out with the good folks from MEGA POWERS as they were throwing their last "Bash at the Beach" joint. Royce and I had an amazing time as usual and were were able to catch up with a lot of great friends we haven't seen for a minute. Unfortunately, someone forgot to bring the volleyball set-up that I requested. BOOO! (You know who you are)

Of course, Royce was the lady killer.

I was also able to hang with my God Brother Brian, who I haven't seen since my wedding back in 2006. the interesting part was, we didn't plan on meeting up there. It's funny how coincidence works out.

Thanks to the homies that were there and enjoyed the day and BBQ with us.




Zero and One

After the gym yesterday, I rushed home to grab the fam-bam and boosted over to Hooters MV to catch the first SD Chargers game of the 2010 season. We met up with Royce's Ninong and Ninang who were already there and had a table ready. Of course, there wasn't anything that healthy there so I ate whatevers. hahaha. Soo many girls were complimenting on how cute/handsome Royce is. I couldn't argue. Unfortunately, the evening didn't end quit the way I planned, but last year, the Chargers started the season 0-3 and still won the Division. #JustSayin'.


ON TO THE NEXT...............

Hip Hop Karaoke

Headed into downtown San Diego for Hip-Hop Karaoke and bumped into my little cousin who was doing it big with his Co. They are always having a great time and loads of dancing going on. big ups to John John and Co.


Lotus Evora

Lotus's mid-engined Evora gets a 350 horsepower boost with the new supercharged S model. Finally worthy of its performance pedigree, the faster Evora S gets its Toyota-sourced 3.5 liter V6 tweaked making the car capable of 0-60 times of 4.8 seconds and a top speed of 172 miles per hour.

iPod Fall 2010

With much fanfare as expected, Apple introduced the latest family of iPods. Most notably the new iPod Touch gains Facetime capability with dual cameras and the high resolution Retina display from the iPhone 4. The new iPod nano ($149-$179) also gets updated with a completely new form factor that significantly shrinks down the device with a touch-enabled enabled screen. Lastly, the Shuffle gets even smaller (as if it wasn't small enough) with a diminutive form factor and an amazing price ($49).


Penn x Edgar 2 = Disappointing | Couture x Toney = Expected

OTSDRS HQ hosted UFC 118 Saturday evening with a potluck. Had a few people over and it was fun as usual. I thought we would get more beer-pong action, but there was a birthday at The Office that same evening. So, after the fight, folks went on their merry way. Maybe next time my ninjas. The most odd thing was, we had more vegetarian food than we did regular food this time around. Never had that happen before. hahahaha. We were all truly disappointed with BJ's fight/conditioning. Maybe it's time to retire or get a new camp. Either way, something has to change. Had a MEGA-GREAT TIME on Saturday with the folks that attended. Thanks for coming and hope to do again soon!

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