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I am eating with these guys right now!!


Guttersnipe Gang or Die.

Very nice old school skate graphic. If you are OG, you will easily recognize this graphic. If you are not OG, start getting familiar with the classics. SK8 or DIE...

The Mickey tee is incredible. If you follow "street wear", you may recall all the different brands utilizing Mickey's hands. For some time the Mickey hand was BO-RING! This is a fresh take.

The GUTTERSNIPE CAMP came through again to drop off a few tees from their Fall 08 season. This brand is really taking off. Their design execution and customer service is top shelf. Winter 08 is bonkers. Look for it at additional retailers coming to your area soon. GOOD SHIT GUYS! enjoy....


The Hundreds Block Party III



Check out this bad-ass Scion Bb.. The exhaust is pretty sick. My favorite part besides the JDM barf bag and JDM poo/pee bags. hahahahah.


12 Bar Surprises

Got a package in the mail today. Thanks to my good friends over at 12 BAR, I now have one of the better looking New Era's that have been out for a while. You can pick this up in black/white colorway too at 5 & A Dime. This thing is all suede with silk on the inside. Really nice attention to detail on this one guys. Also says, "It's all Love" it excellent script on the back. Be sure to get one of these before they are all gone.

Wilmer's annual birthday at Yokoz

Rumple Mintz

Every year, We get to see Wilmer at work on his birthday. It's always good to see everyone again. Shots are bad to me. hahahah


We went riding again today. It was fun. Too bad you weren't there. More on www.outsidersbmx.com.

Lost Angles......... Dita Shades!

Brandon is saving a spot in his life for "Alice".
This is legit-ski!
I guess I am the only one that has entered this place with a drink. NO BEVIES ALLOWED! I WIN! Yons-1 Bape -0

Our true destination.

WINNER= Brandon x Dita
When the Hundreds first started (5 years ago), I had my own brand called PXLPPL. This was our Advertising. hahahaha

GIRL skateboards/Project RED. nice.

Tyson Beckford's Gumball 3000 ride on Melrose.
Japan LA is one of the sickest shops. Full of neat toys and rare collectibles. GO THERE!

Eyes wide-shut.

Brandon (5 & A Dime) asked me if I needed anything from LA and asked why and who he was going with. He replied, "I want to buy some DITA sunglasses and I'm rollin' up by myself...". I decided to keep him company and check out a few spots as well. On the way up, I called a few friends to visit in the Hollywood area, but they were all already in Las Vegas for Magic. Again, enjoy.....



Rhandom Flickies

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