Crunch Time People

So, this week is crunch time for sure. little bambino is scheduled for the 6th of November and that is just about a week and a half. this means, he may be here any day now.. we will let you all know when the day comes, please keep yourselves posted here.

The count down starts.....



Brandon was the winner for the evening with a score of 88 on professional mode. Josie would have taken the trophie, but was afraid for some reason. ha ha ha ha
Jay and Darcie were wrecking shop here. SPACE ODDITY??????
Darcie was determined to take the title away from Brandon with alanis morrisette songs. we left at her last attempt against brandon.
Gian was singing a little sukiyaki to his bebe Josie. (hey josie, you better sing next time! =)
"Make love to meeeeeeeeeeee...... Touch meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" h ah ah ah ah ah a, you just had to be there to know what i am talking about. good night folks.

Saturday night, we were invited to Darcies house for a night of Karaoke Fun. Please believe.... i had a swell time.

Cuban Cigars

Things we have just laying around.....


Forgot to mention that when Brian came back from being away on the navy ship for six months, he grabbed me a couple of Cubans for my upcoming role as daddy. SWEET! thanks B

5 & A Dime

AJ has a built-in shelf for everything right now. "look, no hands!" ha ha ha ha
so then Jeff says, "I HAVE ONE TOO!!!"" haha ha ha ha ha ha ha
Brandon likes to hold me as we watch a staged high school fight/musical. seriously, ask him about it... his face is a bit sophisticated as well.
Jay, Roxi-poo, and AJ are hangin out with baby boy discussing the why we chose that particular stroller.

Saturday morning, we went to 5 & A Dime to visit since we have not been there for a hot minute. we were starting to miss the fam. it was great to see everyone and catch up with everything. making moves, thats what i like to see.

Sushi Deli 2

AJ and I had dinner at one of our favorite places on friday.... Sushi Deli 2.. i tried the new garlic edamame... it was pretty good. got coffee and called it a night.


Harris Fire

was hungry and decided to make burgers. they were fuckin great by the way.
Ashes on my car (front windsheild)
The hall way to the crib.. ashes to ashes, dust to dust.. it was fuckin sucky...
my sons shoe collection. thanks to all that have contributed.

I was taking pics around the house to document what i owned in preparation of the fires and if i had to report it all to the insurance company, i would have been prepared. besides loading the car up with baby gear and a little bit of shit i needed as well as AJ's things, we were on stand by. our area got the the point of voluntary evacuation, but not any harsher. thank god! called some of the homies and they all bounced. we stuck it out and i even though about settin goff the sprinklers in the house. ha ha ha ha ha ha.. here are some random pics inside and outside. back to work tomorrow and back on the grind. the great thing is, its almost friday again. YAY! thanks to all the poeple that got in touch with us making sure we were safe. love you guys!


So, it is crunch-time and his room is ready for him. i cant wait. keep this book marked for all related news regarding one of the joys in my life. i am soooo excited, this will be sooo fucking awesome.. good night.


AJ is hungry

AJ got hungry and was craving...... there you have it.


view fromthe window on the 19th floor.

I have out of the loop lately, taking care of meeting stuff since thursday. i have been in a hotel room from thursday til sunday morning in the mariott downtown.. the meetings were super duper boring, but the nightly festiveities were pretty entertaining. the thursday meeting ended and it kicked off the first night's activies which was dinner with FREE alcohol on the USS midway. i completely forgot my camera, so just imagine it. i will try to get some later from my room mates camera. friday night, dinner was the stingaree with once again free acohol and a night of dancing. at around 9:30, it opened up tot he public. sunday, was the awards banquet and a fancy dinner with yet again free alcohol the whole evening and then a mardi gras themed after party to end the boring meetings. i forgot to mention, every night the after after party was in our room (1956) ha ha ha ha, where we were comped every night with even more alcohol. i am fucking tired. peace.


BMX in Pacific Beach

So, i headed out to PB this afternoon and met up my cousin John John and Leo. we rode around PB and hit up some of the bike shops around the area. It was a pretty chill ride. got a lot of exercise.....

Roll-call: 1983 Vector Mark2

2007 SE PK Ripper looptail retro

2007 SE Quadangle looptail retro

The Outsiders are getting deeper......


BMX around the Mall

Leo was here again yesterday and we rode to the Otay Ranch Mall.. There were alot of hills and an entrance into the 125 freeway.. I was willing to ride on it, but Leo was a bit hesitant. check out the precise matching of Leo's kicks and the Quadangle. Just a splash or red folks........


Mountain Dew figure

So, i forgot to put up pics of the MD figure. for the methamphibian x mountain dew show in LA a couple weeks ago, MD made 25 figures for friends and family. i was lucky enough to get one from meth. thanks again! check out the details. the gun cocks back and the clips are removable. if you look closely, you can see her nips through her one-piece body suit. ha ha ha ha

5 & A Dime

Stopped by 5&adime to pick up some fucking rad shop shirts. These are the first of many collabo shirts for the shop. first was the rogue status collabo featuring 3M print within the logo and high density signature roque gun pattern. second was the hundreds collabo featuring the signature hundreds jags pattern in the shop color scheme. come by the shop and pick them up fast, they will sell out faster than you can say: how much?
Gian and Brandon were running the ship while big boss man was watching the game. these guys are great, swing by and say hi to them, they are the nicest guys around, and they know their gear.

Dim Sum & Tea Station Sundays

Today, we had dim sum with the extended family over in Clairemont. It was good times as usual. the company was awesome and there is nothering better than food with the fam. After dim sum, its the usual boba spot for dessert. thanks guys!