Reminisce at Rock Bottom was CRACKIN'

Last night, we threw an event at rock Bottom in San Diego with Armory, Sharpshooterz, Guttersnipe, and Destiny's Insurance. This was a very successfull event and if you missed out, then you missed out. I had a great time and
I was able to find a ride back home. Julz did a great job with his set last night. See you all again at Reminisce on Saturdays at Rock Bottom San Diego November 7th!



If you despise iTunes for its iPod-only infrastructure, you may want to take a look at doubleTwist. doubleTwist creates an iTunes-like experience for users of Blackberries, PSPs, Palm Pres, and much more. For music downloads, they've integrated Amazon's music store for a tightly integrated experience no matter what you carry in your pocket.



BMX Shit

We headed out to the boardwalk yesterday for the weekly BMX ride through Pacific Beach since the Chargers were not playing. We may be out there again nextweek since they play on Monday.... join us!

Marvin | Bondi

Saturday night was Marvin's Birthday Bash(ing)at Bondi in downtown San Diego. Brian and I rolled there with Paolo, Alfred, and Raul who visited from San Francisco for the weekend. Pre-fade then off we went. It was my first time there and not your typical nightclub. Well, it was more of a bar, but not an actual dive bar. Pretty fun for a free place and alot nicer than dive bar. Drinks were fairly priced, but Marvin & Co. pretty much had all the liquor ready for the nights festivities. Check it out.

Thee Lilo

Happy house warming and Birthday to Thee Lilo! Royce brought out the heaters.

Japanese Classic Car Show

Two weekends ago, I headed out to Irvine for the JCCS with Leo and met up with some familiar faces. Our good friend Toppie finally finished restoring his 510 after 4 years and decided to show it off. his car looked great and cleaner than MAJORITY of the 510s there. I am not sure if he placed, but I know he was chosen for an exclusive interview for a Japanese Magazine which I am not allowed to broadcast at this moment. I will fill you in later.............

Was a fun day. Enjoy a few late pictures....