The Hundreds "5th"

This Saturday, The Hundreds will celebrate their at the Foreign Family gallery. They will release 2 limited edition shirts in conjuction with 5 other exclusive tees called "Remixes". Get the details, then get the shirts.

Bar D x Gumball 3000 x 5 & A Dime

Tonight. GO! DONATE!


my first padres game at petco park. it was free with my flobots tickets. best part about it, hot dogs and drinks were only $1. yay.
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Royce tha 6 3

Enjoy your week.

Sunday BMX Cruise

Brandon is PINK!

John John showing Brandon his moves.
For sale: Get at me if interested. OUTSIDERSBMX.COM

To end my weekend, I met up with the OUTSIDERSBMX.COM for another 6-mile ride from crown point, up and down the boardwalk, and back to crown point. It was fun, relaxing, and we mmet up with some of the guys from BMX MUSEUM again. Join us.


Saturday night, I recieved a test message from Irons asking us what were up to that night. Without much convincing, we decided to try a nice mellow night out. It was pretty chill, and no dress code. Well, at least for our crew. Thanks Mike.

Royce Legend's First July 4th

Royce Legend and GP Jason 5&ADIME
Jan HONDA (pronounced YON) (I know, like YONS)
My son and wifey.
Super Royce

Sleepy time.

The best was to look at your own shadow.

The cooks, not cooking.

Jomo no Homo.
This is how we bent the rules to get bent.

The So-So's

Brandon 5&ADIME FAME
Eglebert (Humperdink)

Not friendly
Rashi and Iron Mike IRONS
Royce and Eddie FAST EDDIE'S
Yuki APPLE and Jay

Korean Bar B Que (no pun intended)

I have seen a picture like this before. like de ja vu.
Embarcadero Low Buck Brawlers
Royce and Fam.
Royce and Mike
we left.

We headed out to Embarcadero last Saturday for a 4th of July picnic with some good people. We had to leave right before the fireworks started because we were not sure how Royce was going to take the loud BOOMS and BAMS. As we were leaving, the show started and just as we thought, he was not feeling it. Next year my lil' boy. check out some of the sweet pictographs that were taken by yours truely.......