For a couple years now POC has been designing a number of award winning safety products for the snow. Now they're releasing a line for all you adrenaline junkies on two wheels. Designed for BMX, downhill, and freeride biking the POC Wheels features Body Armor pieces, helmets, goggles, gloves, and performance apparel.


While the Tesla Roadster was more of a showcase (and play-thing for wealthy tech execs) of their technology, the Model S is what truly is going to make an impact on the future of the car industry. The Model S is available with a range up to 300 miles, the ability to "Quick Charge" in 45 minutes, and can charge via a 110V, 220V, and 440V outlet. The car is no slouch either, it can hit 0-60 in 5.6 seconds and will reach a top speed of 120 mph. Inside you'll find a 3G connection to the internet, a 17 inch haptic touchscreen, and a fully digital instrument dash.


Nike Pac Man KNOWS

I am now officially ready for the next Manny Pacquiao fight this May against Hatton. Manny is the only boxer oficially sponsored by Nike. Here is why:

Manny "Pac-Man" Pacquiao is a professional Filipino boxer. He is the former WBC lightweight world champion, WBC super featherweight world champion, IBF super bantamweight world champion, and WBC flyweight world champion. He has also held the Ring Magazine titles for featherweight and super featherweight. For his achievements, he became the first Filipino and Asian boxer to win four world titles in four different weight divisions. He is currently rated by the Ring Magazine as the #1 pound-for-pound boxer in the world.

Vans Era Wingtip (VAULT)

One of my favorite Vans Era ever released will re-release again in some very unique colorways. I was able to snatch up the black/white combo when Vans put them out about a year ago. You know I will be ready for the White and Black/White combo at first sight.



Royce Legend Clowns Around

Broken Yolk

This morning, we decided we wanted to go out for breakfast. HHmmmmmm, Broken Yolk Bitches! That shit was good fam!

El Indio - Since 1940

World Famous Taquitos

Royce says: "Finger Lickin' GOOD!"

Checked this place out after seeing a show about it on TV. Didn't even know there was such a place in San Diego. Pretty good! I will have to make a real decision on the food once I have been there more than 3 times. For now, very delicious.

Bowling Thursdays with Spayde

Last Thursday was bowling Thursdays with Spayde. Get familiar!

Brandon did!

ONLY $3 per HOUR!


American Shooting

I was supposed to go shooting today with Brian and Vince as planned last Sunday, but they had to stay at work later than expected. I was chatting with Brandon and he decided to keep me company. Since he was only 20, they didn't let him rent a hand gun, but he was allowed to rent a shotgun or rifle. Weird right?!
I had some great grouping for not having shot my Springfield Armory XD in over a year. Brandon on the other hand, well... let's just say he needs to shoot a bit more...


Be careful intruders! I can guarantee you won't be around for tomorrow if I am in the house.............. besides that, I have a special clip with hallows made for you. Smile for the flash



1. Accuracy. The FNAR accuracy is supposed to be as good or better than the M1a. I read an article in a magazine at the grocery store yesterday that tested the FNAR at 0.45 MOA out of the box. WHAAA.

2. Size and Weight. The shorter and lighter weight FNAR is far better in a tactical scenario or if you have to pack it cross-country.

3. Rails. All the rails for optics, bipod, etc. are in place and ready to go.

4. Maintenance. The M1a is suposedly high-maintenance compared to the FNAR in order to keep the accruacy up.

5. Price. $1275 after rebate is considerably lower than you will pay for a loaded M1a ($1700+).

6. FN Technology and Innovation. The M1a is based on old technology...might as well get a Garrand.

7. Interchangeable Barrels. It has been reported that FN may offer other caliber barrels for the FNAR in the future (I didn't know this at the time of purchase). 338 Federal would be bad a**.

8. Pistol Grip. Some say it looks goofy...but if you are into looks over functionality, you need to go shopping for drapes at the mall with your wife. The pistol grip feels natural in my hands.

9. Adjustability. Being able to adjust the stock to the shooter (recoil pads/length of pull, comb height, cast/drop at comb). Can't do that with an M1a.


PJ turns 4! YAAAY!

Royce, AJ, and I headed over to San Marcos today to attend Princess PJ's 4th birthday party! As always, the Cruz Family got creative with the theme and fun-filled activites! Great times with our extended family!

Royce's first time on sand was hilarious. hahahah.....

Happy Birthday PJ!