Rihanna | Hutch Hollywood

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Even the celebrities know what's good now-a-days! Rihanna is very hot and knows how to get down on this Hutch Hollywood. Feel free to Right click and save this picture, then set as desktop. Do yourself a favor and build a FRESH BMX too.

Doodles at the job place

Another sketch I wanted to share with you all.


Diamond Supply Invades Onyx/Thin Saturday Jan 23

Here are the Flickies.......

Jay All The Time (Victory Ent.), Kev Mighty (FY$), and buddies!

Jay All The Time, Bethner and Lanie (Hellz Bellz), Maryann and Emil (Crooks and Castles).

Keith, Jun, and Rhandy (In4mation)

Mo and Baby D (The Hundreds)

Josh (10 Deep), Nick (Diamond Supply), and friends...

Ray (Mighty Healthy), Nick (Diamond), and TK.

rHandy and rHandy. Who would of thought there were 2 Rhandy's that spelled their names like this. ALOHA BRUDDAH!

BJ (DJ Hektik / Armory)

Josol (Ludwig)

I was able to go out this past ASR/Agenda weekend and check out Nick's birthday shindig over at Onyx/Thin in San Diego's Gaslamp District. It was nice to see the old friends from around the States and Hawaii all in one place. This is one of the perks living in San Diego, besides the great weather (after all, it is Winter still; hahahaha), the Traded shows bring all the homies to one place twice a year. Then twice again in Las Vegas for Magic. Well, here are a few pictures I took. Happy Birthday Nick Diamond !


In4mation Swaggg-a-delics

Went to ASR today for a bit to visit some friends. Hung out with the In4mation family from Hawaii. They have come a long way and their new season is very impressive. Check out this show exclusive shirt and my fresh new pair of Vans x In4mation Half Cabs. Thanks to the In4mants Ohana for lookin' out!

ASR with In4mation

Louis Vuitton | Kanye West Sneak-EEERRRRR

I am pretty sure you know by now that I am into sneakers. I was more into it before, but rapidly changed once the game got out of control. I basically pick and choose what I like now. Majority of the time, I will only have interest in my friends companies/brands and projects.
When I first heard about this team up, I thought, "What?, For real?, That's gay and the most stupidist idea/team-up ever!!!".

I was right about the project and right about the outcome. If I see you wearing this shit, be prepared for your ego to get assasinated! In short, you are gay and most likely riding a fixed-queer track bike. FUCK MAN! for crying out loud Louis!



The Thursday Sessions | Gutter/Siders

Drink Special All Night LongHip Hop / Top 40 / DancehallDJ's Joe Dirt/Basick/Flexander

(Click on Above for clearer 411)

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Farmer's Market at Otay Ranch

This was our choice for the evening. Flavors of East Africa.

Llama rides for older kids. Not yet Royce; Riding the stroller is better anyways. HA!

Water. ummm ok. Nice picture none-the-less.

Dunno how this happened, but i really like it. looks like Royce is showing you the SECRET PORTAL that leads to a world full of hand grenades and Macadamia nuts. hahaha. Wait, WHAT?!

Every Tuesday, Otay Ranch mall plays host to Farmer's Market from 4pm to 8pm. They have different foods from all over, plant life, friuts-n-vegetables, and items for sale. Today wasn't as busy and crowded though. There are usually more vendors. Anyways, this is a great place to go if you want to get out of the house and try something different.


Philippines Day 2

Started off the night with some wine.What a DIIIRTYYY table. HHmmmmm!
DJ B_Cal (600 inc.) and DJ Skratchmark (STEAK Pro.) helping Margaux out while very intoxicated. Woo-Hoo! good times, right Margaux?!

Already feeling it and we are at the second spot, Heirarchy, for the night. This is where Thea was spinning. (Sorry Thea, Brian didn't have any pictures of you spinning)

Third spot for the night was Embassy at The Fort.

Look close and you will see Skratchmark and B_Cal in the Main room at The Embassy.

Final spot for the night or early morning was Filling Station. This is where you eat when you are sooo faded you can't eat. hahaha It was good though. Kinda like Denny's, but with a 60's rock n roll cafe vibe. pretty rad.

Here are some pictures from Day 2 or should I say night 2, in the Philippines with Brian A. Enjoy the pics because I guarantee you I had more fun than the pictures show and you wish you were there! Period.

Again this went til 5am and I got hella faded!!!!