On Sunday, Leo and his family rented out KEARNY MOTO for a little session of fun and track-acquaintance. We all enjoyed the time on the track and quickly realized how out-of-shape we were. after 2 run throughs, I was pretty much done. ha ha ha. It was fun none the less and I will guarantee that this won't be the last time on the track. Gotta go do some sprints right now. See you on the track. ABA!
PS - thanks to the Opalecs!!!!


Not to be confused with a Suicide Machine, but My son was Baptised this past Saturday which coincidentally was also my birthday. YAY! This was not a very big event, just the family. i had a great time with family and a few friends. Royce had a blast! He was actually pretty darn awesome. well, the actual ceremony proved to be a bit too much for him, the party was his highlight. Enjoy.....


Birthday Dinner

I had dinner yesterday for my Birthday, which is actually today. it was fun. jay decided that everyone should be invited. OK.


Mighty Mighty Mighty

So, again, I arrive home to a little box with a very nice surprise. I have been excited for Mighty Healthy for a while now. The designs are always refreshing. I love where this brand is going and what it stands for. Hope to see them when they hit SD.


Thanks Ray....


BMX Blazer? What?!

"Considered by many as Hong Kong's poster boy of designer toy world, Michael Lau was sourced by Nike to create a special sneaker for the Chinese BMX Federation. The sneaker maintains a strong aesthetic allegiance to China's iconic colors with yellow and red colors. The package also features a toy and special commemorative box to complete the set."
That box is fucking insane.. The toy is pretty cool too.... The shoes are ........... Fuck the shoes!

duck duck goose

ummmm. not your everyday boiled egg. its ok, you don't have to be afraid anymore. I got your back. hahahahahahah
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90 til infinity

My grandma turned 90 this past Saturday. We all celebrated at a Buffet and had great times. It is always fun with imediate family. Even better, my grandma is the BEST there is. PERIOD! Happy Birthday. see you soon. Love ya.


SE Bikes again......

the SE X DC limited 24 inch Quadangle looptail and the frame and fork combo. the 24 inck quad was never released back in the day. here is your chabce to pick them up. May 14th for the complete and June 1st for the frame/fork combo.



here are af ew flicks of our PB marathon. its getting deeper than atlantis folks. UPDATE YOURSELF!