Bash At The Beach | Summer Finale

While AJ was at work, Royce and I were deciding what we should do on a Saturday. He had the idea of heading out to La Jolla Shores to hang out with the good folks from MEGA POWERS as they were throwing their last "Bash at the Beach" joint. Royce and I had an amazing time as usual and were were able to catch up with a lot of great friends we haven't seen for a minute. Unfortunately, someone forgot to bring the volleyball set-up that I requested. BOOO! (You know who you are)

Of course, Royce was the lady killer.

I was also able to hang with my God Brother Brian, who I haven't seen since my wedding back in 2006. the interesting part was, we didn't plan on meeting up there. It's funny how coincidence works out.

Thanks to the homies that were there and enjoyed the day and BBQ with us.


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