Harris Fire

was hungry and decided to make burgers. they were fuckin great by the way.
Ashes on my car (front windsheild)
The hall way to the crib.. ashes to ashes, dust to dust.. it was fuckin sucky...
my sons shoe collection. thanks to all that have contributed.

I was taking pics around the house to document what i owned in preparation of the fires and if i had to report it all to the insurance company, i would have been prepared. besides loading the car up with baby gear and a little bit of shit i needed as well as AJ's things, we were on stand by. our area got the the point of voluntary evacuation, but not any harsher. thank god! called some of the homies and they all bounced. we stuck it out and i even though about settin goff the sprinklers in the house. ha ha ha ha ha ha.. here are some random pics inside and outside. back to work tomorrow and back on the grind. the great thing is, its almost friday again. YAY! thanks to all the poeple that got in touch with us making sure we were safe. love you guys!

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