Brandon was the winner for the evening with a score of 88 on professional mode. Josie would have taken the trophie, but was afraid for some reason. ha ha ha ha
Jay and Darcie were wrecking shop here. SPACE ODDITY??????
Darcie was determined to take the title away from Brandon with alanis morrisette songs. we left at her last attempt against brandon.
Gian was singing a little sukiyaki to his bebe Josie. (hey josie, you better sing next time! =)
"Make love to meeeeeeeeeeee...... Touch meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" h ah ah ah ah ah a, you just had to be there to know what i am talking about. good night folks.

Saturday night, we were invited to Darcies house for a night of Karaoke Fun. Please believe.... i had a swell time.

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