view fromthe window on the 19th floor.

I have out of the loop lately, taking care of meeting stuff since thursday. i have been in a hotel room from thursday til sunday morning in the mariott downtown.. the meetings were super duper boring, but the nightly festiveities were pretty entertaining. the thursday meeting ended and it kicked off the first night's activies which was dinner with FREE alcohol on the USS midway. i completely forgot my camera, so just imagine it. i will try to get some later from my room mates camera. friday night, dinner was the stingaree with once again free acohol and a night of dancing. at around 9:30, it opened up tot he public. sunday, was the awards banquet and a fancy dinner with yet again free alcohol the whole evening and then a mardi gras themed after party to end the boring meetings. i forgot to mention, every night the after after party was in our room (1956) ha ha ha ha, where we were comped every night with even more alcohol. i am fucking tired. peace.

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