Pacific Coast Bicycle

2008 SE Floval Flyer
2007 SE OM Flyer looptail (protoype)
2007 SE OM Flyer Prototype ( this one is number 4)
2008 SE PK Ripper looptail
picked up a few items from the store. SE!!!!!!!!
After eating, we headed over to pacific coast for a BMX check. since they are pretty much the ONLY retail spot with and SE account. i swing by there once in a while to see whats around. it was my luck that his shipment of SE products came in during the week. i picked up a few items and joe (the owner) was kind enough to sell them a bit early since nothing was even registered in the computers yet. He has alot more stuff coming in, and other back ordered items that he is working on getting. stop by if you need anything. joe is a rad dude.
Sorry nerds, no fixed gears here. STAY AWAY!

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