Amazing Awaits

Olympic Training Center, Chula Vista. Olympic BMX race track. This is an exact replica of the track in Beijing, China. This thing is crazy. 25 feet from the gates to the bottom. These riders were getting average speeds of 40 mph. Official. We were part of history. 06-14-2008.
Brian Guttersnipe gets sniped from MSNBC. wasn't sure if it aired though. Brian, find it!Yes, he is jumping the burm to get to the other side, another burm. All asphalt people. If you eat shit, you will paint the burm red and flesh. eewwwwww.Out the gates.

At the end of the day, Mike Day (#365) takes the competition and the third spot on the Olympic team along side Kyle Bennett and Jill Kintner. There will be one more spot left which will be open to Coach Mike King's discretion. (Old School Facts: Mike King used to ride for Haro and had a signature frame and fork int he late 80's) Brian Import Culture actually owns one. Find it HERE. Mike day looks like Napoleon Dynamite. ha ha ha ha ha!!!
Points standing. After only 3 races after the time trials, Mike Day secured his osition on the Olympic team as it was mathematically impossible for anyone to catch up.

Old Shool Zeronine shirt. Check out the sleeves and neck seams. RAD!, but redneck-ish. Where's his Budweiser?!

I was able to attend the US Olympic BMX Time Trials this past Saturday and participated in making history as the sport of BMX makes its debut in the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, China. After getting baked in the sun, it was worth the experience. There were some big-named spectators there. All I got to say is, I feel sorry for the rest of the world that tries to take the medals from our team. Sure looks like an easy win for the good ol' USA to me. Good luck to the Jamaican Bob-sled team though. ha ha ha ha

A big thanks to Antho OUTSIDERS BMX FAME for getting us tickets and delicious bevies. Jay and Brandon 5 & A DIME, John John and Kirch OUTSIDERS BMX FAME, and Josh SOULD were also in the house to share in this historical event with me.

Now, go get you BMX bikes, and let's roll out folks!


Taken from USA today:

"With his Olympic hopes on the line, Mike Day delivered the race of his life Saturday.
Day won the U.S. BMX trials in Chula Vista (San Diego County), a dominant performance that secured a spot on the three-man team that will represent America when BMX makes its Olympic debut in Beijing this summer.
Day joins Kyle Bennett on the U.S. squad; Bennett was exempt from the trials because he won USA Cycling's yearlong Olympic points qualifying competition. Day's eyes were red with tears when he, Bennett and women's BMX Olympic qualifier Jill Kintner were summoned to receive the jerseys they'll wear in Beijing.
The third spot on the men's Olympic BMX team - a discretionary selection by the team's coaches - will almost certainly be awarded to Donny Robinson, the world's top-ranked BMX racer. Robinson of Napa finished second overall Saturday."

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