OS-BMX Gathering

Jay and Mochi. Mochi tried to kill me!!
Leo shopping.
Steve, Leo (front), Archie, Brian, Antho, Kirch, Glenn, and John John.

I almost finished.

Last weekend, I had a chance to attend the annual Old School BMX gathering in Long Beach at El Dorado Park. There were so many sick bikes there. I snapped a few of my personal favorites that I saw. I am sure there were more that were rad, but i didnt get to see them all because I got tired and then they all started looking the same to me. ha ha ha ha. Saw alot of old school pros there. Checked out what other hadforsale as well, but didnt find anything special. Especially when the prices seems to match Ebay. BOOO! (at least there was no shipping or feedback hassles). Steve (Archrival) , DUBS ONE (Proper) , Andrew (Commissary) , and Jay joined in on the fun and shared in the BMX culture/festivities. Before any of the pros were able to show off their skills, we decided it was time to eat. Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles it is. Yup, the same place Snoop and Beckham parlayed on Snoop's show Father Hood. Stopped by Proper, and 2 other bike shops to take a quick looksie, then departed and headed back home where I secretly JOCKED my own collection of bikes. HA!

Thanks to Kirch and Antho for driving. That creek we drove through was cah-razy!

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