Lost Angles......... Dita Shades!

Brandon is saving a spot in his life for "Alice".
This is legit-ski!
I guess I am the only one that has entered this place with a drink. NO BEVIES ALLOWED! I WIN! Yons-1 Bape -0

Our true destination.

WINNER= Brandon x Dita
When the Hundreds first started (5 years ago), I had my own brand called PXLPPL. This was our Advertising. hahahaha

GIRL skateboards/Project RED. nice.

Tyson Beckford's Gumball 3000 ride on Melrose.
Japan LA is one of the sickest shops. Full of neat toys and rare collectibles. GO THERE!

Eyes wide-shut.

Brandon (5 & A Dime) asked me if I needed anything from LA and asked why and who he was going with. He replied, "I want to buy some DITA sunglasses and I'm rollin' up by myself...". I decided to keep him company and check out a few spots as well. On the way up, I called a few friends to visit in the Hollywood area, but they were all already in Las Vegas for Magic. Again, enjoy.....

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