Sunday Night Live

Daus Babe Blvd , Yons Factory Outsiders , Bri Import Culture = OG Import Culture/DOS. We thought you knew.
Brian Import Culture

Moe, the wanna be Italian that is about to bitch slap a fool.
Jay and Lee ExtraOrdinaryCrew

Julzey (Mindz Alike) and Joe Avnt/Grde

Hellz Bellz
Vince, I haven't seen this guy since he left for Japan several months ago. We need to definately catch up.
Brian, Kirch, and yours truely.
Julz repping that Factory Outsiders

This bike dude couldn't make it up the hill. His customer had to help him ALLLL the way up! hahahaha

Brian Import Culture called me up and asked if I wanted to hit up the streets of downtown SD. We hit up Aubergine for a Babe Blvd party first and then off to HOB for the Victory party. Here are some pictures of Saturday's festivities.

Oh yeah, my balls are large! Come and get 'em. hahahahahah

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