Long Beach and NOT SO Compton

This is Proper's clothing store.
Moon signed off on a display when Proper launched the Moon x Vans collabo. You can also purchase sick moon stuff HERE (Fast Eddie's).
Archie and Marquis.

On the way to LA............

Stopped by The Social Trust.
Ben was shooting some 2009 gear. There was soo many boxes filled with clothes there. The Hundreds have definitely grown very large within 5 years. I still remember the "Hip Hop is Dead" tee. DAAAAMMMNN!
Paul of TST.
Ben back at the new Office/Warehouse. That place was fuckin HUGE!. I can't believe it. Well, yes I can. While I was getting lost around the office doors, Joe from AVNT/GRDE calls up and asks if i was there. When i arrived, He just left. boo!

Bobby showing me the new dance moves he picked up from an eighth grader at the local Vons.

Baby D
Peter's 1/8th figures. These things are fuckin insane. the details are too life like. All done by hand too.

Not released in the USA. New Balance x Methamphibian.

Peter (Methamphibian) and Sarah during our dinner.
After dinner, I met up with The So-So's and Archrival for Reese's Birthday bowling extravaganza and then headed to some Korean spot call "Blink" to drink and chit chat more.

I don't have any group pictures from the Korean spot, but stay tuned for some crazy insane close ups from that night. They are MAD funny yo.

After some national meetings for work, I decided I didn't want to work on Firday. SO, I took the day off and got away from San Diego. Headed to LA and LB to catch up with some friends. It was great seeing everyone again. I had a blast!

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