Sundaze with friends...

Kuwahara - the last person to get one recently is GAY!. ask around.
Comin' Straight From Ysidro.. L.O.D. ask someone...

Neat tech deck freck mech ashtray bowl thing a ma doo dad.
Let's get weird.
For the iHOMIES.
They need helmets.

Sneaker guy extraordiaire - Gian the magnificent with fake FRAGMENT AF1's...
Mexican's steal bikes in front of you.

This is our friend Virginia.
5&adime has MANLY BMX's NOT Fixie Sticks.


This is Spayde's friend William getting a ticket for not having a muscle car and frontin' like he's asian! FAG!

Gian wears broaches to work.
and lies!
Michael Bautista!Magic the gathering tournament and World of Warcraft experts.

Here are pictures from this past Sunday. Not too many detailed captions, just look at them.. damn it!

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