Philippines Finale

So, I returned from y little vaction in the Philippines just a little while ago and I and super excited to be home and I am super exhausted from the plane trip & time difference. As I posted earlier, i lost my camera in a taxi as it fell out of my pocket when leaving it. I had some great pictures of my first couple of days there with DJ Skratchmark. That nigga really knows how to party. He has a lifestyle that many of you DJ's here would envy. Trust me!! Hats off to Mark for taking care of Brian and I during our stay.
Luckily, Brian had a camera too, but didnt get as many good pictures in the beginning. all good though. once I get them, i will post and fill all you fuckers in on full on intoxication!

TIL 5am EVERY NIGHT with VIP TABLES AND BOTTLE SERVICE! you wish you came along.

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