Diamond Supply Invades Onyx/Thin Saturday Jan 23

Here are the Flickies.......

Jay All The Time (Victory Ent.), Kev Mighty (FY$), and buddies!

Jay All The Time, Bethner and Lanie (Hellz Bellz), Maryann and Emil (Crooks and Castles).

Keith, Jun, and Rhandy (In4mation)

Mo and Baby D (The Hundreds)

Josh (10 Deep), Nick (Diamond Supply), and friends...

Ray (Mighty Healthy), Nick (Diamond), and TK.

rHandy and rHandy. Who would of thought there were 2 Rhandy's that spelled their names like this. ALOHA BRUDDAH!

BJ (DJ Hektik / Armory)

Josol (Ludwig)

I was able to go out this past ASR/Agenda weekend and check out Nick's birthday shindig over at Onyx/Thin in San Diego's Gaslamp District. It was nice to see the old friends from around the States and Hawaii all in one place. This is one of the perks living in San Diego, besides the great weather (after all, it is Winter still; hahahaha), the Traded shows bring all the homies to one place twice a year. Then twice again in Las Vegas for Magic. Well, here are a few pictures I took. Happy Birthday Nick Diamond !

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