Philippines Day 2

Started off the night with some wine.What a DIIIRTYYY table. HHmmmmm!
DJ B_Cal (600 inc.) and DJ Skratchmark (STEAK Pro.) helping Margaux out while very intoxicated. Woo-Hoo! good times, right Margaux?!

Already feeling it and we are at the second spot, Heirarchy, for the night. This is where Thea was spinning. (Sorry Thea, Brian didn't have any pictures of you spinning)

Third spot for the night was Embassy at The Fort.

Look close and you will see Skratchmark and B_Cal in the Main room at The Embassy.

Final spot for the night or early morning was Filling Station. This is where you eat when you are sooo faded you can't eat. hahaha It was good though. Kinda like Denny's, but with a 60's rock n roll cafe vibe. pretty rad.

Here are some pictures from Day 2 or should I say night 2, in the Philippines with Brian A. Enjoy the pics because I guarantee you I had more fun than the pictures show and you wish you were there! Period.

Again this went til 5am and I got hella faded!!!!

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