Philippines x Guttersnipe x Fabric Fashion x Day 1

So, many of you know that I lost my camera after only 4 days in the Philippines. SO, i had to get pictures from Brian's camera and from my new friends in the Philippines. I would like to share the first night with you all. Right when we landed, mhy parents left for the province, and Brian and I were swooped up by SkratchMark who is a resident DJ at the best clubs in Makati and a party exciter til 5am. Filipino folk really know how to get down. Seriously. Anyways, we got to Mark's Condo and unpacked a few things and started planning this show since we had a few hours before we actually had to be there. We missed rehearsal, and decided to wing it. HHHMMM. Like stateside. Here are some pictures I found online of FABRIC FASHION SHOW at EMBASSY FLY. Enjoy fuckers.

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