Rebel Racing Resurrected

Here are a few pictures of the Rebel Racing frame making its way back from the dead. These frames were given the ok to be remade by Bernie Anderson. There are a few frames already made and in testing phases. There will be aluminum frames as well for racing standards now. These are some sneak peek pictures. Stay tuned and I will let you know when they are available and where to get them.

Check them out HERE (REBEL RACING).

Specs - HTAngle 74, ST Angle 69, TT Length 21.25, Chainstay Length Slammed 13.75, BB Height 11.2, Chainstay tube is straight to have less flex, The rebel Frame has small triangles to stiffen up the frame to make it comparible in stiffness to Aluminum, but has the Cadillac feel of Chromoly.

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