Twelve Bar Excitement.

So, after a meeting today with Jay All The Time and Brian G.Snipe, I returned home to the smiling face of my wife and son, then soon realized out in the corner of my eye there was a very big box that was nicely tucked away as if someone was trying to keep it away from a child that wanted to destroy it. After a question and answer session with AJ, I realized that the package was from Nick. I would have to say that I was really impressed with his brand and where it is heading. His designs and aesthetics are a little more for the grown folk. As I was going through the pieces, I started noticing all the details involved with the cut-n-sew items and again very impressed with the fit! Seeing the clothing online is one thing, but seeing the them in person is another thing; Very Nice. Do yourself a favor and check them out! Buy something fresh to wear in 2009.
When you get a chance, head over to their site and peep game. You can check their list of vendors if you don't want to pay for shipping and there is one close to you. You won't be disappointed with execution of Twelve Bar believe that DUNNY!!

Thanks soooo much NICK !!!


Rhandy Yons1

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