Solar Eclipse

Damien putting some sick ass Super Fins together. These were custom drilled for 4x100 and have a custom SSR barrel repolished by this man! SICK SICK SICK!

For Sale for Scion XB - Work Head 40 in BLACK folks. Google these bitches. Starts with and L, and ends in a IMITED! Especially in black. these are 17" and they have the Mariachi center caps. There are only 2 different caps. Holla at you man at Solar if you are interested.
Bagged to perfection! "VIP STYLE"

On Saturday, I started the morning over at Solar Eclipse to get some tint work done on the Audi A3. While there, we discussed a few car events and reminisced on the Good Old Days. I was actually part of Battle of the Imports when it first started kids. Also, used to to race when Terminal Island was open for drag racing. So, yes, I am OG.

Solar Eclipse Window Tinting and Performance
507 G Ave
National City CA 91950

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