John John's Birthday at U31

Birthday Boy John John (Johnny Kamatis)

DJ Mr. Mention (OUTSIDERS BMX/Illiss Lifestyle)

DJ Hektik

Mr. Getdown and DJ R-Type (Sharpshooters CrewArmory Massive)
Glenn, John John, Kirch (OUTSIDERS BMX)

John John and Me (Cousins/Pinsans)

Soverein Enclave


My favorite beer there! Pabst Blue Ribbon Tall Can Bitch! 24oz.

Solar Eclipse Window Tinting

Mr. Mention (Outsiders BMX/Illiss Lifestyle)

Last night, it was my cousin's birthday and we celebrated at U31 with the Armory Crew holdin' it down. I had a great time catchin' up with some old school homies and celebratin' with familia. Enjoy the pictures.

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