Phlippines Day 4

Sandeep (Siemens Call Center Manager)DJ Kidd getting interviewed for MYX TV

The Mocha Girls

DJ Teaze, Margaux, and I. (STEAK Productions)

Ginger and I.

DJ Skratchmark (STEAK Productions)

Banj, Chris (Tissot), Mark, and Thea (Liz). (STEAK Productions)

Here are a few more pictures from my trip to the Philippines back in December. Skratchmark and the rest of the STEAK Production crew threw/organized this Christmas party for a Siemens Call Center. Let me tell you, they are taken care of there. Raffle Prizes ranged from Apple Mac Books to Apple iTouch to Flat screen TVs. Oh, and everything in between as well. Open bar all night and entertainment from The Mocha Girls. The event was hosted by Reena and Ginger, who were friends of ours and the Manager of the office who was Sandeep, was also a friend of ours. Skratchmark and DJ Kidd from Vancouver split the sets up. Great night once again. Nothing beats ALL-THINGS-FREE! hahahahahah Once again, this lasted until 5am. We did this kind of partying and drinking for 4 nights straight.

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