1. Accuracy. The FNAR accuracy is supposed to be as good or better than the M1a. I read an article in a magazine at the grocery store yesterday that tested the FNAR at 0.45 MOA out of the box. WHAAA.

2. Size and Weight. The shorter and lighter weight FNAR is far better in a tactical scenario or if you have to pack it cross-country.

3. Rails. All the rails for optics, bipod, etc. are in place and ready to go.

4. Maintenance. The M1a is suposedly high-maintenance compared to the FNAR in order to keep the accruacy up.

5. Price. $1275 after rebate is considerably lower than you will pay for a loaded M1a ($1700+).

6. FN Technology and Innovation. The M1a is based on old technology...might as well get a Garrand.

7. Interchangeable Barrels. It has been reported that FN may offer other caliber barrels for the FNAR in the future (I didn't know this at the time of purchase). 338 Federal would be bad a**.

8. Pistol Grip. Some say it looks goofy...but if you are into looks over functionality, you need to go shopping for drapes at the mall with your wife. The pistol grip feels natural in my hands.

9. Adjustability. Being able to adjust the stock to the shooter (recoil pads/length of pull, comb height, cast/drop at comb). Can't do that with an M1a.

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