Lost Angels

Scotty Hundreds took a shot at drawing the car on his alarm. hhhmmm, interesting. hahahahah

Last Friday, Royce, Aj, and I ventured to LA for some out of town activities. Stopped by Little Tokyo to pay a visit to the family at Archrival, then to RIF to pick up a check! woo-hoo.

We made our way to The Hundreds warehouse where Ben and Scotty had a great Friday playing with handsome Royce. Ben challenged me to a couple of games of Street Fighter and I had to put him in his place while Royce put in work in the warehouse packing and shipping goods.

Before heading home, we decided to have dinner at Farmer's Market off of Fairfax and soon discovered that it was attached to The Grove, which is a little shopping destination and site seeing pleasure. Did I mention I ate Alligator Tail all fried up and shit. It had a pretty interesting texture, but was very delicious.

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