Friday Fairz

Parking farez.
Ticket farez.
80's Entrance.

Large-ass Sausages.
Large-ass Corn Dick Dogs.
Freshly sliced potato chips. these suckerz were fuckin' delish.

Blue moon!

Oh, those are horse dick hot dongz.

Really though?

Deep fried Twinkie.
Cherry filled Krispy Kreme Chicken Sandwich. Actually, this was pretty good.

Cow Show-off.
Crazy looking chicken head.
Roast beef.
We paid $1 to see this 6'6" horse. Brian is standing ground level with this beast. It had a small weiner though. I have a picture of it somewhere.
1st place biggest sheep ballz with curly ass pubic hairz and a poop-pie directly below award.
Sheep Show off.
Not a fan.
Royce was a fan of the chocolate part of the chocolate covered bacon.

for Lunch.

souvouneir cupz.
Tunez the Horse give my boy a high hoof.

All thingz beef jerkey.

not trying that shit.
First place best dressed at the fair in public award.

Chocolate covered chees cake on a stick.
Weird, but good. Who thinks of this shit?!!
Full of shit ot Full of food?

Zuchini nachoz.

Time to jam.

Last Friday, AJ, Royce and i planned to hit the San Diego Fair that happens once a year. This was Royce's first time to the fair, out of the womb. As we headed to the car, we asked Brian if he wanted to join us. Away we went!

THere were sooo many different kinds of food there. We tried to eat as much as we could of the more out of the ordinary combinations. This year's attraction was the chocolate-covered bacon bits and the zuchini-weenies.

Enjoy the pictures and what little captions I provide. hahaha

Great times once again. Until next year San Diego Fair!

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