Comic Convention and Wired Magazine Party

Marvin making Patron Mojitos. Kinda weird-tasting.

TITS & Chicken Legs. hahahaha
Chopped it up with the homies Angry Woebots and DEZ for a bit.
Ran into the Crew. Extra Ordinary Crew.
Bumble Bee x Yons1
It says "please do not touch", what about if it's touching me?
G.I. Yons
Ghost Busting TITS

You know this past weekend, San Diego played host to one of America's largest conventions, The Comic Con. Rumor has it that, after 2011, the Con will move elsewhere due to how large it has become. It has pretty much out-gown America's Finest. So, I will try my best to attend more frequently. It was sooo packed though, I was irritated within, let's say, 2-hours. Thank god, marvin got me a free pass into the Comic Con and we also had VIP status at the Omni Hotel's Wired Magazine party with a hosted bar brought to you by Patron. It was an all-things paron fest with chips and dip or mini sandwiches that I couldn't get enough of. Here are the pics, Enjoy.

PS - we were able to check out the Alice in Wonderland attraction which was pretty interesting.

All-in-all.... you missed out. sorry.

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