Extreme Auto Fest-ivals

Autofashion homies.
Best Car Award.
OutsiderS repping at the show.
Hot Boy Fred's whip. Next show, wait till you see what will be on top.
Back Interior Shout-outs...
Best Air Condition Award.
Best Sticker Scheme Award.
Pretzel Ropes! Demons Beware.....

Ttays for days.

Fuck you too!
Cars get hurt too.

My pick of the show! Historical authentic RHD Skyline.
Not wood grain, WOOD MOTHER FUCKERS!
OutSiders Racing - Sir
Of course, personal favs...

Cutest Hood Award.

Almost done right!
This shit is fucking SIIICCKKKKKKK! I'm getting one.
Takeda USA - one of my really good friend's new company. Hi Ryan!
Even rappers on CRIBS cant roll like this!

Last Sunday, Brian, Spayde, and I were able to get a few tickets to the San Diego AutoFest at Qualcomm Stadium from Dennis over at Babe Blvd. We went for a bit to check out what car shows had to offer now-a-days. basically, NOTHING!

But, we were a but inspired by our friends whips from Autofashion. This VIP thing has been around fora bit now and I actually really paid attention this time. I even learned what different objects/items meant on these whips. This aint your normal JDM steez cuzzo. This is adult shit!

Now, how can I incorporate it into BMX lifestyle/culture? HHmmmm..... Stay tuned!

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