Tommii Lim in action at the Atwater booth.

Josol and Geoff taking care of some of their accounts.
Brian and I spent alot of time talking and working with Livery Design Gruppe.

Raiben, Mike, Brian, and Ryan = Cons, K.A.F.E., Outsiders, and Illiss/Outsiders.
Aaron's work. Angry Woebots in full glory. It was rad to reconnect with him after almost a year.
Converse actually released this shoe sometime in the early 1950's. Doesn't it remind you of a certain 1966 Off The Wall brand? Converse is re-releasing it as a Cons shoe.

Pat from Mighty Healthy packing up the booth.

Check out this crazy rail.

Hung out with a few friends during the trade shows here in San Diego. Also, attended the skate contest at the Crossroads Show. The rail was eventually swapped out for this crazy Excalibur sword. hahaha.

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