Semi-Re-Union | Sweetwater & Spring Oak Way

Last Friday, Chris planned a a Barona Buffet and tried to get the crew from back in the day out for a little "cathing up" session. It all started off well, until I heard the Swervy wasnt going to be able to make it as the day got closer. Then, ast minute, Swvery changed his mind and showed up with Crystal. Dave and Rebecca came along to at least visit, since they had a couple of hours to share until heading up to LA that evening for her father's birthday. Since, Barona was kinda far, we all decided on a closer venue for all of us to eat at and at least catch up a little bit. VIP in Chula Vista was the destination. hahaha. It was great times for sure and I sure miss these fellas. Hopefully, this reunion will rekindle the friendship that has gone astray. I have never had a group of friends that stay so positive and keep me looking forward to our next "hang out" session.

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