Blends 4 Year Anni Party

Jay 5 & A Dime and Jomo no Homo.Jay and Shawn Nike SB .
JR Willy's Workshop and the Ladies
Vicki and AJ

Ray Mighty Healthy
Kev Mighty and John John Factory Outsiders
Jewelz Mindz Alike Iggy AVNT/GRDE Nobu Blends & Geoff Reserve Consortium

West Sider Rider Terr-E
One of the Greatest shirts of all time...Sorta.
Mike Irons Jason Archrival
Every single time I see this guy at a club, he is always double fisting and always Heinekens
My wife. Raddest Bitch in town!!!!!!!!
Mike and Edwin from Blends
Blends and Willy's Workshop croanies.
luchaDORA the Explorah!
Erwin Blends showing YOU how to smoke with charm and finesse. Study!

Last Friday, We were able to attend the Blends 4 Year Anniversary Party at Onyx/Thin hosted by Victory Entertainment. It was fun. Good times, indeed.

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