Welcome mat. Scotty wearing some sick Converse Skate sneakers. Get ready!
My free shit. Impressive. Agenda/New Era, Lineup Mag feat. Willy Santos, and an Incase ballistic nylon bag....
The Hundreds Booth. Fully inclosed.
Big Daddy - click here to get familiar! Eddie Fast Eddie's / Commune and Sean Rockstar Games
Archie Proper LBC and Keith In4mation
Free vodka all day.

Iggy and Graham Versus Temecula
Keith and Flo Univ

Pamela Lee????

Willy Santos Willy's Workshop in The Hundreds booth.

Ray Mighty Healthy Archie Proper Scotty The Hundreds

Keith at DC Shoes USA
Jon Jon Phenom and Eric Archrival
After closing time, there was a fight. The Agenda guys were not happy with all the graffitti in the men's restroom. They found who did it and all hell broke loose. Do your homework and figure out who they fought. Pretty interesting if you ask me.

Friday, I took a half day off from work to visit some friends at Agenda. This is a great place to catch up with the homies from all over. They come to San Diego for this Bi-Annual trade-show which I think is weird because roughly a week prior they did the same exact thing in Las Vegas for MAGIC. They should all skip out from the Vegas trip and just SD. My 2 cents. Well, here is the first

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